Next Generation iNTERACTiVE Software, along with a host of other powerful up-to-date technologies, is the gateway to the future of civilian, commercial, and military flight simulation.

With flight being our passion we will begin there and, in the near future, branch out to embrace other simulations and entertainment software.

While one “Big Business” disbands their development team and leaves a gaping hole in the world of flight simulation, another picks up the pieces only to discover the limitations of using a ten year old code. A second proclaims the future of flight simulation while using the same exact 10 year old code as their foundation for that future… This is not only unexpected, considering today’s standards in technologies… but not welcomed.

The time has come, and indeed has long been here, that a new simulation; one capable of tapping into the power of modern technologies be created.

The time has come to move away from the limitations of the old and into the limitless possibilities of the new!

We’re doing just that.

Utilizing the immense pool of talent available within the flight simulation community itself, as well as talent outside the community… a revolutionary, completely next generation… civilian, commercial, and military flight simulator is being created.

Who are we? We’re you the flight simulation community.

As long time flight simulation enthusiast, we along with many others of the community, have seen the need for a new flight simulator based upon up-to-date technologies. After years of flight simulation being developed using old, outdated coding, and the appearance that anything coming in the near future will also be based upon outdated coding, we believe that it’s time to put away the old and build the future of flight simulation using a platform that will continue to keep abreast with the rapidly changing world of software development tools and the hardware that runs them.

Just like you, we are members of the community who have participated in forums, who have acted as beta testers, who have tweaked our simulations to the point of ridiculous… and we can’t think of a better place to turn for an understanding of those features most desired in a next generation flight simulator than the flight simulation community itself.

Together we can join our insights, our passion, and our skills to accomplish what no other BIG PRODUCER wants to even attempt to do and that is the creation of the ultimate next generation flight simulator, based not only upon the use of new technologies, but even more importantly, upon what we as a community want.

The NGIS Commitment to You

Since we began this project in May 2015, as a Symposium, we have been actively gathering a team of dedicated developers who have one goal, which is the building of a Next Generation Flight Simulator.

Our commitment to you is that we won’t stop until this simulator is completed and made available for you to enjoy.

Along with that commitment we fully intend to continue asking you for your input as to the features most wanted by you, the flight simulator enthusiasts, as well as those of you who are new to this category of civilian, commercial, and military flight. And once we’ve gathered those features, we fully intend to put those features into the finished product as much as can be accomplished given the tools and time available. This will be an ongoing commitment. Throughout the development of various key releases, and as hardware and software continue to advance, you can expect additional community requested features to be added to each sequential release until the features list is exhausted… or… for as long as the community continues to request new features and improvements that will extend the Next Generation Flight Simulator for years to come.

We’ve got a tremendous head start… through our collaborative efforts with well established companies within the simulation industry, the tools that we’ll need to create the Next Generation Flight Simulator have already been created and are continuously improved upon in order to maintain there cutting edge capabilities, now and for the future.

We also fully intend to turn to you, the community, for your help to extend the available data to include specific landmarks, monuments, airports, etc. in the form of images and coordinates that can be modeled to bring out specific features of your favorite areas around the world. This could be your home town, a national park, or anything that has significance to the places you enjoy visiting.

The future of flight simulation deserves to go beyond what is currently available and what is being promised by the likes of “BIG BUSINESS” and will most probably be more of the same.

More importantly, flight simulation deserves to continue to develop in parallel with the technologies in software and hardware of the future.


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